We cannot do it by ourselves…

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…and He does not want to do it without us!

I believe in God. I believe He has designed a very special plan in which He longs to share His glory and loving kindness with all people around the world. I believe one day the whole universe and the nations of the earth will be healed and reconciled with Him, the Creator. I believe in this project called the Kingdom of God, in which the Church – a people redeemed by the power of Christ’s Gospel – is the principal instrument to transform the world.

For these reasons, I understand that God, in his sovereignty, wisdom and grace, has decided to act in partnership with us, His people. Contemplating the greatness of such a calling and our own limitations, I can only accept this truth by faith and willingly open my heart to His word, with the understanding that He wishes to use the fragile and the weak so that the merit be His alone. In other words: “We cannot do it by ourselves; He does not want to do it without us!”

God, as the designer of this project, has Himself determined the way in which it should work. Among the many different ways in which we may become involved in this Kingdom, is through prayer that we best fulfill our part. Yes, our greatest contribution is in the apparent fragility of bended knees, contrite hearts and tearful eyes. Our strength does not come from strategies, campaigns or even from resources we may have. It comes from DEPENDING ACTIVELY on HIM. I’ll explain.

When we pray, we are called to probe our own hearts, and put them at the same pace as our Father’s heart. In this exercise of humility, searching for His will and recognizing that His plans are always greater than ours, we offer Him our lives, as a living sacrifice on His altar. Thus, in prayer, we lift to God our gratitude, confession, worship and petition and, at the same time, we become more like Him. In the apostle Paul’s words: We all are changed into the same image from glory to glory (2 Cor 3:18). And how we need to be changed!

In addition, Paul also wrote, “for we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices” (2 Cor 2:11). The advance of this Kingdom will always result in the retreat of the forces of darkness and this does not happen without a battle, without overcoming resistances. Through prayers, God empowers His army, which goes forward in unity and humility.

With our eyes fixed attentively upon the Lord, we thank Him for His faithfulness and love, and we carry a holy expectation as we cry out to Him: May Your Kingdom come! May your will be done in our lives and through our lives!

More than ever before in our ministerial life, we have been gently compelled to kneel, pleading that each project, discussion and counseling, each seminary and sermon, each administrative or pastoral decision be according to our Father’s heart. In this way, WE ARE DEPENDENT ON YOUR PRAYERS!

Having been placed in the leadership of this ministry, the simple fact of “standing up” implies the overcoming of powerful battles at the same time as we advance in communion with Him. That is why we call you all together: Stay with us in prayer, just as Aaron and Hur stayed up Moses at the top of the hill (Exodus 17:12). Can we count on you? Are you ready to pay the price together with us? I believe so. I really hope so. I pray for it to be so.

On this website you have some of our projects. Pray that our Father’s power, grace, wisdom and provision may be poured out on us and on the churches we support. In this process, the Lord may reveal to you other ways of getting involved in His project. But do not forget: prayer is the main entrance for those who collaborate with Him for the advance of His Kingdom.

Begin by falling to your knees!

©José RM Prado

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